New York State Auto Service

Three things make California Auto Mart Inc. different from the other used car dealers who operate in Los Gatos, CA and other cities such as Cupertino and Santa Clara. The first one is the range of cars that we make available to our customers. We believe in giving our clients a wide range of choices, and that is why we have many different types of pre-owned cars in our inventory. We keep on updating our inventory based on what our customers indicate they want. Thus, we stock cars that reflect the true needs of our clients concerning models, prices and types.

Secondly, we have made the process of buying a pre-owned car easy, secure and effective. When looking for a particular type of pre-owned car, you will have to start with our inventory. We have a search tool that you can use to browse through our large catalogue of pre-owned cars. You can use the tool to sieve through the inventory by specifying the car attributes that you desire. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us and tell us the specific car that you are looking for. Either way, we make sure that you go through the process of buying a car quite comfortably and fast, unlike many other used car dealers around here. 

Thirdly, we use highly competitive pricing models to help you get value for your money. We use haggle-free prices that we believe reflect the real value of our cars. We believe that using this approach is beneficial to you as well as to us. You can buy a car from our inventory fast because you do not have to haggle when buying a pre-owned car. We also use this pricing model after carefully assessing the history and performance of the cars that we sell. 
Therefore, our pricing model, commitment to serving you better and a very rich inventory are the three things that make us different from the other dealers here in Los Gatos as well as in other cities such as San Jose and Cupertino.